What’s Happened at Dixon Rehabilitation

Creating a daily schedule can be a great tool for improving the mental and physical health of older adults. A schedule can help to keep priorities top of mind, can help ensure things like taking medications are not forgotten and it can improve sleep by establishing regular wake times and sleep times. For many seniors, moving into a senior community is the best way to find the support to create and maintain a schedule, as well as to have access to the programs that fill the daily schedule with hobbies and activities they enjoy. Whether you live in a senior community or at home alone, here are some tips to creating a successful schedule:

  • Establish a set time to wake up
  • Include time for personal hygiene
  • Set mealtimes and snack times
  • Include time for exercise
  • Include social time
  • Set a scheduled bedtime

At Dixon Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, residents enjoy a wide variety of activities and programs to fill their days as they pursue their recovery and rehabilitation journey. Each day can be as unique or as familiar as they like!

What’s Happened at Dixon Rehab?

In February, residents at Dixon Rehab marked National Canned Food Month by putting together a food drive for the local community. Dixon residents and team members love the opportunity to give back and to play a role in the community of Dixon, Ill. Later in February, residents enjoyed a chips and dip music party with Chip Messiner! They loved the chance to enjoy some fun treats while listening to the music and getting moving to the beat! For Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd, Dixon residents had a party to celebrate. Partygoers loved the green egg cookies and ham, along with cheese bites, and everyone relaxed for the movie The Cat in the Hat!

Senior Activities

The team at Dixon Rehab works to create a recovery oasis for residents. In this nurturing and supportive environment, residents have access to the recovery and rehabilitation professionals who focus on their physical health, as well as daily activities and programs to keep their minds and bodies active and engaged. At Dixon, residents enjoy:

  • Health education sessions
  • Nutrition management and counseling
  • Coffee bar
  • Relaxing whirlpool spa
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Daily recreational activities
  • Barber and beauty shop
  • Wellness, social and daily fitness programs
  • Meals prepared by in-house cooks
  • Community re-entry program

Planning Ahead

Tutera Senior Living and Health Care supports residents and their families throughout their aging journey. Tutera’s rehabilitation and skilled nursing communities maintain a focus on both recovery and personal preferences. Residency at a Tutera community begins with your YOUNITE Story – which is our way of collecting information about what you like and don’t like and your personal history. To optimize post-surgical rehabilitation, Tutera communities offer Lotus, a holistic wellness program with serene settings for recovery, personal development and healing. Our care is designed to get you back on your feet feeling strong and independent!

Contact Tutera today to learn more about our rehabilitation and skilled nursing programs by calling 877-988-8372. Ready to find a Tutera community near you? Follow the link to learn more about our locations.